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Estate Planning Olivenhain CA

Searching for an Estate Planning Attorney in the Olivenhain, CA area? Call the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb! (858) 558-1191 Ronald Webb is an experienced local Estate Planning Attorney who has been practicing law in Olivenhain and San Diego since 1994. Ronald Webb prides himself on providing […]

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Estate Planning San Diego, CA

Searching for an Probate Attorney or Estate Planning in the San Diego, CA area? Call the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb! (858) 558-1191 Ronald Webb is an experienced local Estate Planning attorney who has been practicing law in San Diego since 1994. Ronald Webb prides himself […]

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Estate Planning in 2013 and Beyond

The recent tax legislation dealing with the “fiscal cliff” included revisions to the estate tax law that will affect estate planning for the foreseeable future. These include: The federal gift, estate and generation skipping transfer tax provisions were made permanent as of December 31, 2012. This is […]

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How to Get The Most Out of the Estate Tax Exemption

Your estate will have to pay federal estate taxes if its net value when you die is more than the exempt amount set by Congress at that time. Currently, the federal estate tax exemption is $5 million (adjusted for inflation); every dollar over the exempt amount is […]

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Should You Convert to a Roth IRA?

Previously, if your adjusted gross income was $100,000 or more, you did not qualify to convert your tax-deferred savings to a Roth IRA. But this income restriction has been eliminated, so everyone is now eligible to convert to a Roth IRA. You can roll over amounts from […]

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The Simplified IRA Distribution Rules

When you reach a certain age, usually April 1 after you become age 70 ½, Uncle Sam says you must start taking money out of your IRA. This is called your required beginning date. The amount you must withdraw each year is called your required minimum distribution. […]

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Got Stuff? You Need An Estate Plan!

George Carlin would have been a great pitchman for estate planning. You may remember his stand-up routine on “stuff.” We all have stuff, and we’re pretty particular about our stuff. We move it around with us, it’s hard for some of us to get rid of it, […]

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When Is It Time to “Service” Your Estate Plan?

If you own a car, then you know it requires regular servicing in order to perform well and be reliable. More than likely, your car came with a recommended schedule for service, based on how many miles it has been driven; after a certain number of miles, […]

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Will Your Kids Be Unintentionally Disinherited?

Taking ballroom dancing lessons helped Claire cope with the recent death of her husband of 40 years. Her instructor provided her with the companionship she was missing. Claire, with a new sense of self-esteem, soon fell head-over-heels in love. Her children were shocked when their mother announced […]

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How Can I Prevent My Children from Fighting Over My Belongings After I Die?

You probably own some items of real or sentimental value (jewlery, antiques, art, heirlooms, furniture, clothing, etc.) that you want a certain child, grandchild, special friend, relative, or organization to have after you die. Or maybe you just want to provide for some orderly way for your […]

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