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The purpose of a special needs trust is to help families address financial concerns of their disabled loved ones. By establishing a special needs trust families can assure that individuals with physical, mental disabilities or chronic illness can arrange for their long term care.

Attorney Ronald R. Webb and his team are devoted to assisting their clients with arranging special needs trusts. Because special needs care is a very complex legal arena. We carefully review and interview the involved parties as part of the planning process. Our goal is always to observe the best interest of all persons involved in a special needs situation. By providing kind, empathetic assistance we help families navigate these sensitive scenarios. If you want to have someone on your side who understands the complexity of your case and is committed to helping you and your family, the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb is an excellent choice.

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A trust for a special needs individual can be created in order to set aside financial assets to help sustain them. In order to qualify for this type of trust, individuals maybe developmentally disabled or have mental or physical impairments that does not allow them to care for themselves. With the assistance of the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb you can receive legal assistance with establishing a special needs trust in California. Our team has years of experience dealing with unique special needs cases and will provide you with the knowledge and that you require to be successful settingup an appropriate plan.

Types of Special Needs Trusts

First-Part Special Needs Trusts: This is for individuals looking to establish an irrevocable trust with their own financial assets. This kind of special needs trust is usually created with inheritance money, injury settlement or funds by a person attempting to qualify for needs based government benefits.

Third-Party Special Needs Trusts: Are Trusts created by parents or relatives for loved ones who have special needs but who do not want to disqualify the beneficiary from their needs based Governement benefits. A third party trust has no age limitations and is meant to help enrich the life of the benefactiary, without hindering their access to other special needs benefits.

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If you are looking for legal help creating a special needs trust we have the skills and legal resources to assist you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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