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For those who are unfamiliar a will is a legally binding document, which states the wishes of an individual after they pass away. The purpose of a will is to outline who or what happens to a person’s estate and assets. It also clarifies any specific distribution of possessions as well as who will become the guardian of any under aged children. For this reason a will is a useful document for any individual to have on record. However, as people age the practicality of having a legal will written up becomes more palpable.

Writing your Will and Testament in San Diego, Things To Know

As we mentioned before a will is a legal document that is meant to make the probate process easier following the death of a loved one. Although, anyone can prepare a will on his or her own a lawyer and a witness should be present in order to make the document legally binding. Also, when the time comes to create a will having a lawyer assist you will help to assure that all of the important details are included and that all of the assets and estate are included. A lawyer, can also be assigned to act as a trust administrator and take care of the task of distributing the estate and paying taxes on the individual’s behalf when the time comes.

Requirements for Creating a Will

In San Diego, there are some requirements that must be met in order to create a legal will and testament. These include:

  • That the will’s author be 18 years of age, and of sound mind;
  • That the typewritten copy of the will must be witnessed by at least two individuals
  • If a Holographic will is created, it must be completed in handwriting by the will’s author, signed, and dated

The Advantages of Writing A Will

In San Diego there are many benefits to having a legal will created some of these are:

  • Allows an individual to designate beneficiaries and attach conditions
  • Allows an individual to designate an executor
  • Allows an individual to designate a guardian for themselves or for any underage persons in their care
  • Allows an individual to make amendments or revoke their will if they choose
  • Allows an individual to create a trust within the Will for their spouse, minors, or any other beneficiaries whom they choose

Some Disadvantages of A Will

Unfortunately, merely having a will in place does not eliminate all potential legal problems that occur after an individual is deceased, some of the potential disadvantages are:

Does not always avoid probate
Potential for the will to be contested

Having a Will created with the assistance of a lawyer is a good idea if you have any concerns about your health or simply wish to be prepared for the future. Attorney Ronald R. Webb and his staff have over 30 years of experience helping individuals in San Diego create documented wills that layout their final wishes. We will sit down with you to discuss your intentions and help you compose a will that you feel content with. Obviously, composing a will and testament is something that is extremely personal- when you work with the team of Ronald R. Webb you are able to take your time and consider carefully what you wish to do. Our staff is well known for providing empathetic and kind service for individuals who are in the process of preparing their final wills. You’ll be completely satisfied with the service that you receive from the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb. We make it our promise to assure that the process of creating your will is stress free and comfortable.

We all have hopes for the future and aspirations for our families. In order to assure that these intentions are realized it is a good idea to have a will and testament prepared. In San Diego any individual who passes away without a will in place will die “intestate”. This means that according to state ruling, your property will be distributed in accordance to succession statutes, as determined by the state of California. If this is the case it could potentially mean that your assets and properties are distributed in ways that you have not chosen. The best way to avoid this is to have a will and testament created with the assistance of a lawyer.

Contacting San Diego Attorney Ronald R. Webb

If you are looking for help planning your will and testament, we have the skills and legal resources to aid you. You can contact our legal firm to schedule a consultation at any time. We provide extended hours that include evenings and weekends for your convenience, meeting you in your home or in our offices by appointment.

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