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In a time of grief, it can be of great relief to a surviving family to know that the estate of the deceased is being taken care of by an individual who understands his final wishes. That is where a Probate attorney comes into play; he/she will help the surviving family navigate the complex road of Probate. As well as walking clients through the court-supervised process of dividing up and determining the value of a deceased person’s assets and belongings. In other words, a Probate attorney works to ensure that a deceased’s final wishes are taken into account, making sure that those whom he provided for are properly taken care of.

In San Diego, California the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb is one of the most preferred firms by clients needing legal assistance such as Probate. Our firm has been providing legal services for almost 20 years now. With specialization in estate planning, our firm is able to provide professional services needed to establish Probate. With dedication to customer service, attention to detail, and expert advice a client can rest assured that Probate proceedings run smoothly – just like the many satisfied clients the firm has had in the past.

Filing for Probate

In the state of California, certain specific laws are to be followed in order to adhere to the legal process of filing for Probate. The Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb is home of expert Probate attorneys in San Diego, whom work to ensure that these legal processes become less complicated for clients.

A Probate attorney can help clients when working on several tasks through their Personal Representatives – those whose duties are under the supervision of Probate courts – including the following:

  1. Locating and holding a decedent’s assets
  2. Contacting creditors
  3. Taking care of outstanding bills
  4. Filing Income Tax returns for the deceased

When does a person need Probate?

Establishing Probate is especially important if the deceased…

  • Had substantial financial accounts
  • Owned several properties
  • Had very specific wishes on how the assets should be divided when he/she is gone.

In need of a Probate attorney in San Diego?

If you live in San Diego or in the surrounding areas and are not sure on whether or not you need to file for Probate, contact us at the Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb. Our Probate attorneys are more than happy to answer any of your inquiries.

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