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Although, a detailed estate plan can save your family from probate procedures later on, you still need to determine who will manage tyour estate as well as deal with trust administration procedures upon your passing. Even if there are already instructions in place, there may still be unforeseen concerns that need to be addressed. We provide trustees with Trust Administration services so that you can feel confident that your wishes will be fulfilled. For over 20 years, Attorney Ronald R. Webb and his staff experts have been providing trust administration services to help protect families and individuals in San Diego. They can assist the trustee in taking care of the duties associated with trust administration to assure that all of the pre-stated details of your estate plan are observed.

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There are other lawyers out there who will assist you with drafting your estate plan, but do not have experience in administering Estate Plans. There is no guarantee that they will understand what is involved with administration when the time comes for your wishes to be carried out. When you choose The Law Offices of Ronald R. Webb in addition to helping you develop your estate plan, Ronald R. Webb can also assist the trustee with their trust administration duties when the time comes. This means that you can feel peace of mind knowing that Ronald R. Webb and his excellent staff will ensure your wishes we carried out. By assuring that your estate is honored, we can help to alleviate worry and stress from your loved ones. This is a task that we do not take lightly; in fact we have an entire department within our office devoted to trust administration and providing trust related services that include:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Second Death and Trust/Will Termination
  • Asset Distribution
  • Trust Administration Planning
  • Post Death Tax Planning
  • Beneficiary Representation

Why Choose Ronald R. Webb for Your Trust Administration in San Diego CA

When an individual creates an estate plan they must also assign a trustee to assure that the proper proceedings are carried out. These trustee duties include collecting and managing all of the trustor’s assets, resolving unpaid debts and claims, as well as filling income taxes on behalf of the individual. Although these procedures can be assigned to a family member, often it is easier on loved ones if trust administration duties are left up to an impartial individual with experience. This is so that the family can mourn and process the death of their family member without the additional stress of dealing with complex legal matters. It also helps to guarantee that these processes are completed accurately with due attention and care, once again alleviating any unnecessary difficulties.

As part of the responsibilities a trustee is expected to be impartial to the beneficiaries, and to execute the terms of the trust. They have a legal obligation to preserve the trust, allocate assets and distribute them accordingly. The trustee is prohibited from dealing or acting in a way that is beneficial to his or her own interests. If they violate these legal obligations, even unknowingly, the trustee could be held personally responsible. For this reason it is often in the best interest of all individuals involved that the trustee be someone with legal knowledge and experience who will be able to navigate the processes.

As an Estate Planning attorney for over 20 years Ronald R. Webb has dealt with a numerous estates, large and small. Along with the assistance of his highly qualified support staff he can aid in the administration of your trust in accordance to California State Law. Along with assuring that your last wishes are observed, he will go above and beyond to assure that your family and benefactors receive all that they are entitled too. Settling your affairs with care and attention to ensure that the administration of your estate plan is seamless as possible we can assist the trustee in.

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