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You have likely stumbled upon several articles online saying that hiring an estate planning attorney, Scripps Ranch, is not necessary as you can make your estate plan on your own. While this might be true on several occasions, there are cases where hiring one gives you an upper hand in crafting a solid estate plan.

Without further ado, here are some advantages of hiring an estate planning attorney, Scripps Ranch:

#1: Can help avoid the lengthy and costly probate process – like any other court proceedings, probate can cost you some serious amount of money. That is why it is for your good if you can avoid this one. Fortunately, there are ways to do that with the help of a competent attorney. For instance, he can establish a living trust, which allows a property to avoid probate and quickly and efficiently pass to your intended beneficiaries.

#2: Can help save time and energy and avoid common mistakes – working on an estate plan would entail doing quite a bit of legwork, which could eat up your time and energy. However, with an attorney by your side, you can rest assured that he does these things – paperwork, working with several entities, etc. – on your behalf.

#3: Can help simplify an unconventional family’s estate plan – Some families are beyond the conventional type. They are also called “modern families.” They can be a blended family, divorced couples, same-sex couples, a family with non-marital children, among others. Crafting an estate plan for such family types can be more challenging. With the help of an estate planning attorney, you can simplify things, and you can still achieve the estate plan according to how you would like it to be.

#4: Can help simplify the estate plan of a family with special needs – some might be in different circumstances, such as having a child with special needs whose public benefits will be lost if they inherit assets outright. Fortunately, an attorney can devise a solution in your favor – like setting up trusts so those with special needs can still receive government benefits while also receiving their inheritance. Setting up a trust for loved ones with special needs can be complex enough that it merits the service of a qualified attorney.

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