Here’s Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney San Diego

Ever wonder why many opt to use the service of an elder law attorney San Diego when crafting an estate plan? There are an array of reasons for that, but they can be summarized into this: Because elder law issues can be complex. One wrong word or move can mean the difference between a good result and a painful one.

If you (or some members of your family) belong to the ‘elderly’ circle, you might consider hiring an elder law attorney to help with your estate planning. Here are some compelling reasons why:

To ensure that your estate plan (your will and/or trust) adhere to the state law requirements

The truth is, state laws are very specific about what can and cannot be included in a will, trust, or financial power of attorney. In fact, they dictate who can and who cannot serve as trustee, personal representative, health care surrogate, among others. These things are some of the reasons why working with a highly qualified elder law attorney San Diego is crucial – they can help avoid simple yet costly mistakes.

Documents associated with estate plan should be custom designed

You might think that an elder law attorney is not needed considering the so-many resources that can be found on the internet for a DIY estate planning approach. But beware…. The one-size-fits-all principle does not apply when it comes to estate planning. For instance, when filling out a Medicaid application, you cannot simply rely on generic downloadable forms you find online. You might be surprised when you learn that you won’t qualify and you could end up spending more dollars in correcting unnecessary mistakes, which could have been addressed by an elder law attorney early on.

It isn’t just about what you leave to your loved ones when you die

Here’s another thing to note: Elder law isn’t necessarily the same thing as estate law. The estate law covers what you leave to your heirs when you die. In case you get incapacitated – be it mentally or physically – and you no longer can take care of yourself and your personal business, you have an array of options to choose from in order to adjust to such circumstances, including powers of attorney, living trusts, etc. An elder law attorney can explain to you the best course of action you can take to have a plan put in place to address such an eventuality.

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