Important Things To Know About Fees For A Probate Attorney, San Diego

One of the most common questions associated with the probate process is the fee for a probate attorney, San Diego. This is crucial and that is why it is important that you are knowledgeable in this matter most especially if you are planning to use probate services. To provide you some help, we are sharing in this post some facts that you should know about probate fees.

#1: Probate lawyer fees are different from probate costs. Also called as estate lawyer fees, probate lawyer fees are monies paid directly to the lawyer for the legal services rendered. On the other hand, probate costs are fees that may include: personal representative fees, court fees, accounting fees, publication of notice fees, and appraisal fees.

#2: Hourly rates vs flat fee. Many probate lawyers charge an hourly rate, which varies by location as well as by the level of experience and specialization. On the other hand, there are also those who charge with a flat rate – they quote a fee for handling a case.

#3: Fee by percentage of the estate. There are also those who charge by percentage. But this is often regulated. For instance, in states such as California, probate attorneys’ fees are regulated through statute, which forbids probate attorneys to charge more than a certain percentage of the value of the gross estate.

Other fees to underscore

Apart from the fees for a probate attorney, San Diego, clients also need to take into account the fees for the executor – though it is common that an executor waives fees, most especially if he/she inherits a substantial amount from the estate.

The executor is usually entitled to receive compensation for the time and energy involved in finalizing someone else’s affair. It is ether through specific will provisions or applicable state law. The amount varies depending on the situation, but he is always paid out of the probate estate.

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