Know The Basics: Questions To Ask Before You Work With A Trust Attorney, San Diego

Choosing to work with a trust attorney, San Diego, is a crucial decision to make, considering that the life of your family after your passing is at stake. Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose the most qualified to do the job. Thus, it pays to know even the fundamentals before you commit to working with an attorney.

Asking the following questions can help you make an informed decision:

What does a trust attorney in San Diego do?

While it is true that you can make trust on your own, having an attorney on your side ensures that someone is there for you to provide relevant legal help to whomever you choose as your trustee – the person in charge to manage the trust. It is helpful, particularly for a large and complex estate.

When is working with a trust attorney necessary?

There are certain cases where a trust attorney can be so helpful. For instance, your net worth is close to the estate tax exemption; you have a child with special needs; you are not sure how to fund the trust; or, if you want to include several conditions mandating how and when the beneficiaries receive assets. If your case is more complex, it makes sense to get a trust attorney to make sure an expert in this field can guide you through the process.

How much does it cost to work with a trust attorney?

The cost of working with a trust attorney varies from one to another. In general, you will pay for the service rendered. For instance, your attorney may charge you an hourly rate or flat fee for creating or reviewing a trust. When it comes to costs, it makes sense to use a comparison site or search for the average price in the San Diego area to get an idea of the relative amount you spend with a trust attorney. If one charges you way beyond the average, you have a compelling reason to reconsider your decision.

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