Some Mistakes That Your Estate Planning Attorney, San Diego, Want You To avoid

They say “failing to plan is planning to fail.” That is true in so many things, including estate planning.

Not a few people who come to our office share about their feeling of guilt for not working on their estate plan as early as they should. They realize its value only after experiencing certain situations that merit the help of a legal expert. Of course, as an estate planning attorney, San Diego, we do our best to help ease the anxiousness these clients feel by introducing the most appropriate estate planning remedy.

There are mistakes about an estate plan that anyone can experience. As an estate planning attorney, San Diego, our mission is to help avoid such mistakes.

Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Not having a plan – It is never too early to plan. The moment a person reaches adulthood (18 years old), they should have at least their basic estate planning documents in place. Believe it or not, some clients seeking the help of an estate planning attorney are in their 20s. The point is, one can never know what will happen in the future, so it is better to have some level of protection (for you and your loved ones) put in place,

Not seeking the help of a professional – Yes, an estate plan may be done without the help of a professional, but there are things only an expert can work with competence. Some may argue that they can easily work on their estate plan using templates they can download online, but legal jargon merits the help of an expert. One must understand that it is way better if there is somebody who is an expert that can guide every step of the way of crafting an estate plan.

Not updating the plan – An estate plan put in place needs an update from time to time. Situations change, and estate plans should go along with them. For instance, one may acquire additional property, or there might be new additions to the family, which makes an estate plan deserving of a review.

Not getting the right documents – An estate plan having a good foundation includes a Durable Power of Attorney, which mandates a particular agent to manage finances and non-medical issues. A Last Will is another good document to include; it directs how assets should be handled after death. One can also include Living Trusts, Medical Power Of Attorney, among others. An expert estate planning attorney, San Diego, should be able to explain to clients the essence of these documents.

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