Some Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Probate Attorney in Escondido

If there will come a time soon that you need a probate attorney, Escondido, you should be adept by then as to whom you should entrust the job of probating. That means you should know by now the criteria that serve as bases for your choice.

So, to help you piece together your list of qualifications for hiring a probate attorney, Escondido, here are some questions you should ask:

What is probate in the first place?

It is the process by which a probate court provides the estate representative the authority to act on its behalf. The proceeding reviews a will to find out whether or not it is valid and authentic.

What does a probate attorney do?

Note that a probate lawyer is not a general legal practitioner. He specializes in estate administration, experienced in the probate process. Some of the works involved:

  • Completing and filing the necessary paperwork with the court
  • Providing legal advice
  • Accompanying you whenever court appearances are needed

When to hire a probate attorney?

Hiring a probate lawyer is especially important if the deceased had substantial financial accounts, owned several properties, had specific wishes about distributing the assets after death.

How much does it cost to use the service of a probate attorney?

As every case is unique, so is the fee. However, a probate attorney in Escondido will base the payment on the complexity of your case and your chosen level of representation. The primary determinant is the number and value of the decedent’s assets. The possibility for conflict among decent’s heirs will also be part of the equation. To find out more, you can check several legal websites that provide the average cost of a probate attorney in your area (like

What is a probate attorney’s full representation?

With full representation, you can expect that a probate attorney can assist you in identifying estate assets, gathering those assets, filing final income and estate tax returns, paying bills, and making final distributions to heirs.

What is limited representation?

Clients can choose limited representation should he decide to handle these estate tasks personally. If this is what you want, create an agreement with your probate attorney on what to expect. Agree upon who is doing what. Such a move will prevent duplication of efforts at a financial cost to you and the estate.

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