Some Things To Note Before You Hire a Living Will Attorney, Rancho Santa Fe

Working with a living will attorney in Rancho Santa Fe who is an expert in the field is the way to go when you want to craft a solid one; that is, a living will that smartly contains your preferences and wishes in case you can no longer make decisions for yourself for some reasons (e.g. when you are terminally ill).

Here are the basics of living will that your lawyer would want you to know:

That living will rules vary from one state to another. This means, you cannot just hire a lawyer, but a living will attorney who is an expert in your particular location or state. Remember that different procedures for living wills and different requirements about the creation and execution matter a lot when it comes to accuracy and efficiency of the process of establishing your living will.

A living will is a binding legal document. You cannot simply let others know about your wishes verbally (or even in writing), but you have to make it a legal document. Meaning, your document should be compliant with the state law.

A living will can be modified. If you create a living will and want to modify it later on, you are free to do so. You you can revoke your initial living will and establish a new one or cancel the the other will entirely. Please note, however, that destroying your copy is not enough; you are required to fully revoke or formally change the will to ensure that your wishes are followed.

Yes, you can appoint a healthcare agent. This is the person you choose to make treatment decisions for you in case you are no longer capable of doing it for yourself. For instance, if you are unconscious, undergoing surgery, or too ill to convey your wishes, then your healthcare agent can act on it for you on your behalf.

Anyone can be your healthcare agent for as long as he/she is an adult and is competent to make decisions; cannot be your doctor or affiliated to your doctor to avoid conflict of interest; and, cannot be the person who owns, handles, or works for the medical facility that is treating you.

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